What does the Standard Wedding Package include?

The Standard Wedding Package includes:

- Myself (Paddy) as the DJ as host for your evening.

- Real 20" mirrorball as a part of the setup, the effect is stunning when it's lit up (in a colour of your choice) for a first dance/slow dance etc. 

- Spotlight first dance putting the couple at the centre of attention (looks great in photos too!)

- The Sound & Lighting is tailored to high-end Wedding Venues so it will blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb.

- The light show is controlled live and on-site by myself to synchronise with the music, the lights become bright and exciting when the music gets loud then slows down and dims to create a calmer atmosphere during the quiet passages of each song. See below:

- Most importantly, my years of experience will also ensure the dance floor remains as full as possible during the course of the evening!

How much does it cost?

Travel distance, venue (upstairs without an elevator or ground level), the number of guests, timings required (e.g. 7.30-12) are all factors that will affect the price.

The standard wedding package is priced from £400 from First Dance until Midnight event & £50/hour thereafter.

I do not charge for travel between Glasgow - Edinburgh, Loch Lomond or Ayrshire. Travel is charged at £1 per mile (1 way) out with these areas and I will require overnight accommodation if the event is being held over a 2 hour drive from Glasgow (anywhere North of Fort William/Brechin or South of Shap/Berwick).

What is the Spotlight First Dance?

We have a way of running the the first dance that we find works well for breaking the ice, bringing both sides of the family together (especially if they don’t know each other too well).

We would first invite the happy couple onto the dance floor, we hit a button on our end and the lights dim, one of our spotlights will aim towards the centre of the dancefloor where you and your partner will be standing bringing you both to the centre of attention, the other spotlight will bounce off the mirrorball creating a magical glittering effect that will spread around the room. We find this can create an intimate moment between just you and your partner during even the grandest of weddings, you'll be the only people lit up in the room and it'll feel like you're there on your own.

After ~2 minutes of the first record we would then ask the CHEIF BRIDESMAID to dance with the BEST MAN.

At this point we will either send the other spotlight to the mirrorball filling the room with ‘stars’. An idea at this point is to change the colour of the wash lights to match the bridesmaid’s dress colour. This means the entire room will change to that colour.

Then the MOTHER OF PARTNER 1 to dance with the FATHER OF PARTNER 2
Then the FATHER OF PARTNER 1 to dance with the MOTHER OF PARTNER 2

We would then invite the REST OF THE BRIDAL PARTY to join the dance floor (feel free to note them in the form if you want anyone to have an additional 'shout-out') and finally the rest of the guests for the 2nd song.

Half way through the 2nd song, we ask everyone to swap partners (usually the couple will go to one of their parents at this point leaving the other set of parents to join each other).

I understand that there’s sometimes complications such as step-parents, fall-outs or bereavements etc, we can always work around this whatever way you wish OR we can invite up the entire wedding party half way through the first dance if it’s easier.


If you have your own ideas for the first dance (or don’t want to do one at all), we can accommodate for that too!

How do I book you?

We require our booking forms to be filled in with as much detail as possible & a £50 reservation fee to secure the date of your event, this comes off the price of the total bill.

Contact us either with the button below, at info@mpgentertainments.com or 07732 960202 and I will send over account details for the reservation fee and confirm availability, I will then link you to the booking form that goes through everything we need to know about your event.

What can I do to further enhance my event?

Our basic Wedding package includes all of the essentials you need, we can also offer as additional extras as below:

Pre-event meeting or Consultation

This can be at a coffee shop, your house or even at the venue. This is priced from being free of charge to covering fuel costs if the location is out with the Central Belt.

20 - 30 minute Ceilidh Set

I can call and instruct various common Ceilidh Dances (This is free of charge but you need to ask for it in advance)


I'm able to present a number of party games including the Mr and Mrs (shoe) game and a number of fun 'prop included' games. (This is priced from being free of charge but if I need to purchase props then I will pass the cost on, you'll also need to ask for this in advance)

Discreet PA System & Wireless Microphone hire for during the afternoon ceremony (speeches, background music etc).

This would be an additional £150 if booked alongside the evening disco & comes with 2x Wireless Microphones.

Bespoke Illuminated Signs (4ft Light-up Letters)

Mr & Mrs (Separate or Scrolling)
Love (Separate or Scrolling)

Black or White High Gloss LED Dancefloors


LED Starcloth Backdrop

I can provide quotes for LED Starcloth backdrops too (where the whole room or a whole wall will be covered in a starcloth. The ‘stars’ can also be set to any colour or combination of colours.


 Black Starcloth

Black Starcloth

 White Starcloth

White Starcloth