I can provide sound, lighting, Audio/Visual and entertainment for any University event such as:

  • Freshers Events

  • Halloween Events

  • Christmas Ball

  • Society Ball

  • Graduation Ball

DJ & Sound/Light

What kind of music will you play?

Obviously when I have to cater for hundreds of people who are usually paying to enter an event, I cannot offer the same personal service as I would for say, a Wedding or a Birthday. For University events, I will tend to stay towards Chart music, R&B/Hip-Hop, Pop-Punk, Indie, Cheesy 90s/Early 2000s (5ive, Spice Girls, Steps, S Club 7, Backstreet Boys etc). I will throw in some of the usual older classics such as Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me), Erasure - A Little Respect & Tina Turner - Proud Mary. Click the button below to see some examples of the type of music I will likely play. 

Will you take requests on the night?

Yes! I can also take requests or guidance in advance.

Can you cater for themed events?

Yes, I can also put you in touch with some contacts to help decorate the venue in your chosen theme. 


What Equipment do you use?

d&b E12-D/B6 System

I use exclusively d&b audiotechnikspeaker systems. These are literally the best PA speakers money can buy and are industry standard for Nightclubs, Festivals, Audio/Visual companies and more. They are powered only by d&b audiotechnik amplifiers which again are recognised as being among the best in amplification when it comes to quality. Only a handful of other DJs in Scotland own and use speakers of this calibre.

The speakers are unobtrusive, elegant and will blend into any environment whilst still retaining stunning clarity and power. They will give that 'thump' in your chest similar to being at a live concert but are extremely high quality meaning they don't need to be stupidly loud to do so and won't fatigue your ears by the end of the night. We will keep the music at a reasonable volume and can happily work around 'sound limiters'.

For large events (300+ people), I can spread multiple speakers around the room to give an even level of sound to your guests regardless of where they are seated, it won't be too loud at the front or too quiet at the back. This is ideal when it comes to speeches and announcements. I also have independent control of our speakers so when the music starts, we can increase the volume of the speakers situated next to the dance floor. The people dancing have a full nightclub experience whilst the people sitting will still be able to hear each other with the music near them remaining at a 'background' level.

*d&b audiotechnik is used by Eminem, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Muse, Coldplay, Take That, Madonna, The Royal Albert Hall, The Garage Nightclub, The Art School Nightclub, Nice N Sleazy (downstairs), Broadcast Venue, Kokomo Nightclub, ButeFest, The BBC Stages at T in the Park, Trnsmt Main Stage Glastonbury Festival & more.

How many people will that cover?

The Sound & Lighting can cover up to 1000 people. I can hire in additional equipment if need be.

Will it be loud enough?

Yes. Although we will keep our sound system at a reasonable level, the main Nexo PS15/LS1200 system has the potential to hit over 140 Decibels SPL and we can use additional Nexo PS10 side fill speakers (up to 132 Decibels additional SPL per speaker) to spread the sound out around the room so it's not too loud or too quiet anywhere. Most nightclubs will be sitting at around 100-120 Decibels, a Jet Engine is typically 120-140 Decibels.

We can have it comfortably at a nightclub level on the dancefloor.

Will it be too loud?

No, it shouldn't be too loud for anyone regardless of where they are in the room. We will take a system that is adequate for the venue and run it at a reasonable level. Although we use side-fill speakers in larger halls, these are mainly used so people can hear speeches and announcements. During the 'disco' part of the evening, these will be turned down with the bulk of the audio coming from the main set of speakers so those wanting to have a conversation can do so.

The speakers are point source meaning each time you double your distance from the main sound source you lose half of the volume.

We also place the speakers at a height where even if you're sitting right next to one, the sound will be going over your head as opposed to hitting the side of your face.

See an example here (best to listen with headphones on):

This was a medium-large size event with side-fill speakers where another DJ company hired our sound & lighting. It was recorded using an iPhone. iOS uses an auto-levelling system so the total volume will sound the same throughout the video once recorded. If you listen carefully, you'll notice that you can hear a lot of crowd noise at the start of the video, people are able to have converations between each other with ease (no shouting into ears etc), you can even hear the girl clapping! Yet when you get to the dancefloor all you can hear is the music with some crowd noise when they all sing along. Note that the bass is banging on the dancefloor too!




I am happy to provide Audio/Visual Support such as:

LED Star-cloth

LED Dance-floor in Black

- Side-fill speakers

- Wireless Microphones for speeches

- Lectern/Podium

- Spotlight

- 32 Channel Digital mixing console

I have available a 32 channel digital mixing console that will handle anything from a singer with backing track/guitar to a full band. It will also allow me to insert reverb/delay effects, multitrack record and more.

- 4m high Starcloths available in Black or White to wrap around the room (the 'stars' can be set to any colour or combination of colours including white). These will integrate seamlessly with rear projection screens. They can cover any area from just the stage to the entire back wall or we can cover the entire room if you so wish.

- Venue uplighting

This can be used on a small scale to accentuate architectural features such as pillars or on a large scale to wash an entire room in any colour or combination of colours.

- LED Dancefloors in White or Black up to 24ft x 24ft

- Non LED Dancefloors with a black & white checkered or wooden pattern

- Bespoke Illuminated Signs (4ft Light up Letters)

- LED Furniture

I also have a large variety of trusted contacts for things such as Cocktail Bars, Singers, Bands etc, I have worked with these companies/people in the past, know they are reliable and will do a good job putting your mind further at ease, I can put you in touch with them if need be.



LCD projectors will take a feed from a computer, DVD player or any image producing device, and project the image up onto a screen or other flat surface. The two key considerations when renting a data projector are brightness and resolution.

Projectors do not provide sound. Therefore, if your presentation or film does feature sound, do remember to request additional sound equipment suited to your audience numbers.


Brightness is measured in ANSI lumens.

The entry level models start at 1600 lumens. This is sufficient for small meeting rooms where there is some degree of control over ambient light. 2500 lumens offers more output for brighter or larger environments. 5000 lumens and beyond are suired to large events, or situations where the image has to be thrown over a long distance.


Resolution is the number of pixels that make up the image, so the more pixels, the greater the image quality.

Although XGA (1024x768 pixels) has become the most popular, SVGA (800x600 pixels) is still common for smaller meetings.

Full HD is now also available, offering 1920 x 1080 pixels for outstanding results at larger events.

Projectors will take practically any higher resolution and interpolate down to their native resolution.


Positioning your projector

Various mounting options are available to suit different events and venues.

Smaller projectors being used for meetings would ordinarily be placed on a table or other piece of furniture in the room.

Floor stands are available where this is not possible. And in venues where the projector needs to be high up, we offer cradle mounts and other brackets that can be hung from truss or other suspension gantry.