What if I have other entertainment such as a band or singer booked for my event?

I'm more than happy to work alongside bands & singers. I can actually go one step further and supply a single sound & lighting system that both the band and I will run through. This will 'clean up' the stage area so there's not a ton of speakers, lights and cables cluttering up the background of your pictures! This could potentially reduce costs for the band if all they have to do is turn up with their instruments. I'll liaise with the band myself and sort out what they need (mic & input wise), I'll get their playlist so I don't play any of their tunes between when they're on etc too.

I have a digital sound desk that can be controlled with an iOS or Android device. This means each member of the band can control their own monitor mixes when playing.

As I'm a Sound Engineer, I can run sound for the band or work with the band's engineer (if they have one) then head on to DJ during breaks and after the band finish. I will also control the lighting to match what the band are playing. Check out the video below as an example:


In the above video, I supplied everything from stage monitors to microphones, the main speakers to the lighting. This was a 6 Piece band with 2x Guitars, 3x Keyboards, Trumpet, Trombone, 4x Vocalists, Bass, Auxiliary percussion and Drums.

If you contact your band and they ask what equipment they'll be running through, please see what I'd typically bring to an event below:

Front of House PA: 2x d&b audiotechnik Q7 Mid-tops paired with 2x d&b audiotechnik B6 Subwoofers (upto 4x Subwoofers can be provided at extra cost)

Front of House Amps: 1x d&b audiotechnik D20

Monitors: 4x d&b audiotechnik E3 or 2x d&b audiotechnik E12-D

Monitor Amps: 2x d&b audiotechnik D6

Mixing Console: Behringer X32 or Midas M32R with Midas DL16 Digital Stagebox (16 channels of Midas Pro series Preamps)

Microphones: 2x Wireless Sennheiser ew135, Several Wired Shure Beta & SM58s, Neumann KMS105, Audix Drum Set for Kick, Toms, Snare, Audix D2/D4 Instrument mics for guitar/bass

I also work regularly with The SoulKings

The issues that can crop up when both a Band & DJ are playing & how I circumvent them are as follows


DJ playing songs from the Band’s set list

I always liaise with the band with what’s on their set-list before I start playing . I can do this weeks/months in advance if the band have pre-defined set lists or can liaise on the night before they go on. This will ensure I don’t play anything they plan on playing.


There’s often limited space for DJ and Band to set up

I will always turn up as early as possible to set up before the band so when they break down, they’re not tripping over any of my equipment that wasn’t there when they began to set theirs up. Although my lighting setup is vast, its actual footprint is small as it’s all stored across 2x t-bars. I don’t carry any heavy duty trussing etc as it takes up a lot more room on stage. This will give the band as much space as possible to perform. 


Once the band is finished, they can spend ages tripping over people on the way out with their hands full of equipment.

I have a full Lighting and Sound Rig that is equal to or better than what 90% of bands would bring to an event. I bring everything from the PA, Monitors & Lighting to Power Extensions and Microphones, I’ll set it up & sound check with the band before the first dance (it’s preferred if I can set up earlier in the afternoon to give plenty of time to do so). I will then run the sound & lighting during the time when the band are playing, I’ll do the usual during the interval/buffet then take over after the band have finished performing. 

My sound desk is a digital desk with wifi which means the band can control their own monitor mixes with their phones/tablets from the stage too. They’ll hear everything as they want and this will ensure they’re able to perform at the best of their ability without hinderance. This also means if we only have an hour to set up for a room turnaround, I can meet them in advance to carry out a pre-production rehearsal/soundcheck, I can save the settings to the digital desk and when I turn up on the night, everything will sound as it should.

If the band have their own digital desk, I’m happy for them to plug it into my PA system too.

The band will only have their instruments to break down once they’re done as opposed to a full PA system & Lighting rig. It means there will be a smoother transition between the band and DJ. I will then break down everything else at the end of the night.


A messy stage/Aesthetics

I have attached a couple of images from a Wedding we performed at years ago. It was a Las Vegas themed event with Edward Reid, an Elvis Tribute, a Rod Stewart tribute, a Michael Buble tribute plus us as a DJ all performing a set. There was no organisation beforehand with regards to PA systems so everyone turned up with their own system. There were 5 different PA systems in total and several monitors on stage and it looked terrible. If the band are happy to run through my system, it will look a lot neater too!